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Takuna Diana Queen

Naava was born May 17th, 2019 in Warsaw, Poland.  She joined our pack September 21st, 2019. Naava is from Siberian Husky Takuna FCI.  She comes from a mix of working and show lines across the world.  She has lines in Poland, France, Russia, Canada, Spain, and America.  Her particular line is known for being social and people orientated.  Very sweet, very communicative, her mom and grandma work as therapy dogs.  Naava has championed in AKC, UKC, and IABCA.  We have attended various performance events with her such a Fast Cat, Rally, Trick Dog, Weight pulling, and dock diving.  She is a lovely girl, extremely food motivated, intense, and energetic.  She is a lovely female and we are so grateful to have her in our pack!  Naava is a great mother, whelping our very first litter in the winter of 2021.  She was a corona puppy which unfortunately ruined most of her puppy year to show.  When shows opened back up Naava attended her first UKC show where she picked up 6 Group 1's!  She also earned Ivie Huskies' first Reserve Best in show and Best in Show at 16 months old!  In the fall of 2020, Naava finished her UKC CH title. She followed up by starting of 2021 finishing her INT CH with IABCA, and earning her two point towards her AKC CH.  In the summer of 2021, Naava earned her BCAT title.  As of the fall of 2021, Six months after whelping her litter, she returned to the show ring and finished out her AKC CH, June 26th, 2022!

Notable Accolades:

BIS - UKC, King NC


Total Dog - UKC, King NC

Total Dog - UKC, King NC

BOBP - AKC, Winston Salem NC

Iron Paws 2020 Finisher

PB Diving - 18ft-3in

2021 Total Dog Invitational Qualifier

BOB - AKC, Fisherville VA

BOBOH - AKC, Fisherville VA

BOB  - AKC, Richmond VA

BOS (x2)- AKC Richmond VA

Health & Conformation

Naava has gotten her OFA hips compeleted at 2 years old, scoring and excellent rating.  Her eye exam were completed at the beginning of 2021 where she received a grade of "normal".  Naava is our second show dog and comes from both working and show lines.  Just like Nox, she will be showing at AKC, UKC, and IABCA events.  As a puppy, she competed in IABCA shows earning her National Baby Champion title, International Baby Champion title, and Honors Baby Champion title.  She is a very athletic dog which we love and strive to produce in our kennel.  She has nice long legs, decent shoulder layback, great upper arm, full chest, correct feet, good tail set, and a solid topline.  Her pelvis is a little shorter and flatter than what we would prefer and she is too long in body as well.  Naava is a tall bitch, 22 inches at the shoulders.  She weighs 50 pounds, and has a shorter racing like coat.  Her movement is effortless and smooth, and absolute beautiful dog to watch in motion.

Character & Drive

As a puppy, Naava was vibrant and full of life.  A VERY energetic dog.  She was extremely busy girl, always wanting to do something.  After whelping her first litter, there was a noticeable change in her character.  She is much more confident and relaxed.  Naava is thoughtful and more controlled with her energy and movements.  She will occasionally have bursts of the "old" Naava, but has really matured into a fantastic adult mentally and physically.  Naava is very food motivated which makes her easier to train.  Naava is incredibly sweet with people and absolutely adores children.  With new dogs, she can be a little hesitant, but eventually will warm up and play.  


With her racing lines, she has the highest drive, always wanting to pull and go faster on runs and bikes.  She is extremely good in harness when it comes to running and pushing for speed.  However, taking direction is a weak area, so she normally runs behind Noxus.  She is very quick and light on her feet, and has the personality and drive to run for days.

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