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Ivie's Dirty Face Diva

Noire was born September 14th, 2016 in Rockingham, NC.  She joined our pack November 4th, 2016.  She is half siblings to Noxus, sharing the same sire.  Noire is the first husky I purchased after moving out and living on my own.  She is my heart dog and my inspiration for pushing forward with Ivie Huskies.  Noire is a very sweet, laid back Siberian Husky.  She enjoys spending time alone, although she does have a few dog friends she likes to play with.  She is not high energy unlike most huskies, as she quite enjoys slow days.  She does not enjoy playing fetch like her brother, but will occasionally participate in a good tug of war.  Noire is very smart and intelligent, picking up on training very quick.  She is the queen bee of the house, the alpha of the pack.  A super sassy girl, Noire always quick to tell anyone (human or dog) what she thinks of them.  She is a favorite among the kennel, and has quite the fan club.  Noire is sweet, loyal, dedicated, smart, caring and gentle, everything I aspire my huskies to be.  We hope to begin rally competitions soon!  Watch out for this dark face beauty!

Health & Conformation

Given that Noire is altered, we will not be breeding her.  We will not be certifying her hips or eyes.  She is a large female, 22 inches tall and weighing a hefty 64 pounds.  She has nice movement, although she moves wide in the front.  Her proportions are nice, though I would desire a little more leg.  She is very smart and eager to work for treats.

Character & Drive

Noire is a very sweet an laid back girl with an excellent character.  She is the resident alpha, and enjoys when the pack is calm.  She will quickly correct high energy members, and does a great job in raising puppies with good manners.  She is stubborn, sassy, and beautiful.  Noire is the most vocal in the pack.  Extremely smart, Noire is easy to train and picks up new tricks fast.  She does not have a high energy level, making her the perfect couch potato.  Noire absolutely adores her family.  She loves being part of the pack, and even though she does not like exercising she will to be with her family.  She loves traveling to shows to be with her family.  She is aloof and enjoys keeping to herself, although she will come around to socialize with both human and dogs when she feels like it.  She has an exemplary character, one which we would like the dogs of our program to mimic.

Noire has absolutely no drive.  Maybe negative drive.  She does not like to run, although she will if you hook her up in harness.  She normally runs away when the harness are pulled out.  She likes to take her time and smell everything.  Even though she is awful at running from a drive perspective, she is excellent at taking direction (the best in the kennel).

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