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Ivie’s Strength is Honor
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Noxus was born October 26th, 2017 in Rockingham, NC.  He joined our pack December 15th, 2017.  He is half siblings to Noire, sharing the same sire (Godrick).  Noxus is your quintessential husky, with an out going personality and high energy levels.  He loves running about and wrestling with his sister although his favorite thing to do is play fetch!  Noxus puts everything he has into whatever you ask him to do.  He is my first conformation dog, although he was not bred for it.  Learning how to show is/was a long and challenging learning process, but Noxus really exceeded everyone's expectations.  At the age of 11 months, Noxus attended his very first UKC show.  In one show weekend he completed his UKC CH, with one Group 1, one Group 2, and two Group 4s!   In August 2019, Noxus earned both of his AKC majors, going WD and BOW in two all breed shows in Greensboro, NC.  Noxus completed his AKC title on June 5th, 2021, going winners dog in Concord for two points.  At his first IABCA show, he completed his International Championship, getting highest rating every show.  He is a very handsome boy with a very sweet and loving personality.  Noxus has fallen in love with dock diving!  He absolutely loves going to the dock and quickly earned three entry titles in NADD and UKC!  In the summer of 2021, Noxus' hit a new personal best for diving of 19ft 3in!  In his first year of dock diving, Noxus finished the year as the number two ranked diving Siberian (2020).  In August 2021, Noxus because the first Siberian to ever hold a diving excellent title!  We are so proud of him.  He is now retired from conformation, finishing his career in Raleigh (NC) with one Select dog and Best of Opposites earning him 4 grand champion points, one major, and one champion defeat.   We look forward to continuing his performance career.  In the fall of 2021, we are looking to get our first weight pull title as well as rally!

Notable Accolades:

Ranked 20th Siberian FastCat 2019

Ranked 2nd Siberian NADD 2020

BOB - AKC, Danville VA

BOBOH - AKC, Danville VA

Iron Paws 2020 Finisher

Hodges Badges Company 2021 Catalog Contest | Honorable Mention

NADD 2021 Regional Qualifier - 3rd Place Senior Division

1st AKC champion to hold a diving title

1st Siberian to hold a DSA

4th Siberian to hold an advanced diving title

PB Diving - 19ft3in

First Siberian in history to earn a diving excellent title (DSX)

The Viking Experience model

Embark social media model (9/18/21)

Ranked 2nd Siberian NADD 2021

Health & Conformation

Noxus has had his OFAs done.  His hips were graded "good" and eyes "normal".  He is our first show dog, and we have learned a lot through our first two years showing.  Completely owner handler, he has hisAKC, UKC, and IABCA champion titles.  We are considering getting into pulling and rally soon.  Noxus also competes in fast cats and standard cats every year.  He is also a very accomplished diving Siberian!  Noxus is an athletic boy, with nice long legs, correct feet, a lovely rear, gorgeous face, correct ear shape and set, a solid topline, and a thick plush coat.  His upper arm is shorter in length than we prefer with elbows a little tighter on his chest than we want to see.  His movement in the rear is not as clean as we would like.  As before mentioned, Noxus is a nice tall boy, about 22 5/8 inches at the shoulder and weighing in at 60 pounds.

Character & Drive

Noxus has a heart of gold, an absolute doll.  Our resident "captain america".  He is the do it all dog, and is always close to mom.  He will get up and go for a run with you.  He will curl up and relax on the bed with you.  He will go to shows even though he hates it, and he'll run his hardest at every fast cat (even in the summer).  Noxus has a great character, that I'd be proud to replicate in his puppies.  He'll always try to do what you ask of him, although it'll be apparent if he does not enjoy it.  He is a very sensitive dog, and takes even minor corrections to heart.  He is adventurous and brave, friendly and outgoing, strong and handsome, polite and well mannered.  All of the girls love him as his personality is extremely easy going.  Noxus is a lovely dog.  As he matured, his energy levels lowered and his ability to focus has increased making him easier to train as a 2.5 year old than a puppy.  He gets a lot well with other dogs, very confident and proud.  He is a very versatile dog which I adore, as he can participate and find success in a variety of events.

Noxus has a good amount of drive.  His first year running fast cat, he found himself ranked 20th in the country in 2019.  For his first year of dock diving, Noxus ranked 2nd in the country with a max jump of 17ft.  Noxus will happily run in harness, but does not pull too hard.  He focuses and takes direction pretty well.  We hope to get him into some bikejoring or canicross races in the next few years.  He adores running and is very quick and light on his feet for a dog his size.  Noxus is a great well rounded Siberian.

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