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Past Puppies

Past Puppies

All puppies who leave Ivie Huskies will have a page dedicate to following their life adventures on our website.  It will be updated as frequently as possible (much of this hinges on owners providing updated pictures).  If you are a past puppy buyer, I would love update photos whenever you can send them!  I want to be able to track the growth and progress of all our puppies (show, working, performance, or pet).  It is important as a breeder to catalog the growth and development to help better our breeding program.  NONE of the dogs/puppies posted here are available.  All of them belong to loving homes already.  However, this allows anyone interested in joining the Ivie Husky family the opportunity to see the growth and development of puppies from our breeding program and help make a more informed decision when purchasing out puppies!  If you have any questions about particular puppies, their parents, pedigrees, or chances of a repeat breeding, please e-mail us!  

Litter 'A'  |  Skyrim Edition
Windswept's Irish Jig x BIS RBIS UKC CH/INT CH Takuna Diana Queen BCAT CA DJ DS TKN UJN
Jigs X Naava

Born: 12/04/21


2 Females

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