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Available Puppies

We occasionally have litters, and available puppies.  Our goal at Ivie Huskies is to produce healthy, structurally sound puppies with excellent character.  Given this, our litters are planned years ahead of time, and first pick is always reserved for our next show/performance prospect.  Dams and sires are carefully selected in order to produce puppies that improve the quality of Siberians in our program.  If you are interested in information on upcoming litters / planned breedings check out the information below.  It is best to reach out in advanced as we normally have a lot of interest in puppies before any breedinds occur.

Puppy Protocol

Our litters are whelped and raised inside our home.  Puppies are dewormed every two weeks and will have a negative fecal exam before leaving.  Puppies will be microchipped with the breeder listed as a secondary contact in case owners cannot be reached.  No puppies will be released before 8 weeks of age.  All puppies receive age appropriate vaccinations (including parvo, distemper, adenovirus, parainfluenza, and bordetella).  We use the puppy culture program to help raise our puppies.  Puppy culture is a complete resource for raising happy, healthy, and confident puppies.  Puppy culture has been scientifically proven to greatly improve the outcome of puppies.  Puppy culture exposes puppies to early neurological stimulation, emotional resiliency exercises, safe early socialization, and more.


Puppies will be introduced to early obedience training (leash manners, potty training, crate training, etc), but it is important to know as a buyer, puppies will not be completely trained, it is up to the new owners to complete and reinforce training.  A new puppy is a lot of responsibility and can be very stressful.  Please make sure you are ready to commit yourself to a puppy, the training, and expenses involved with responsibly owning a dog.  Furthermore, please make sure you research Siberian Huskies thoroughly.  They are a high energy, stubborn breed that require a lot of training and exercise.  Our puppies are bred to be pet and performance dogs.  We recommend and encourage all of our buyers to take your  dogs to sporting events hosted by AKC, UKC, or any other reputable organization.  


We put a lot into raising the best quality of puppy we can provide.  We strive to produce improved puppies every litter, and work hard to title our dogs in all types of events to prove their merit.  The price of our puppies covers the fees in running our kennel, day-t0-day expenses, showing, health testing, and vet care.  As before mentioned, all puppies come with age appropriate shots (which owners must finish), dewormed, and microchipped.  Puppies will come with a 5 lbs bag of Dr. Tim's Kinesis all life stages, an adjustable collar, a toy and a blanket, AKC registration papers, a written contract/health guarantee (this includes a 3 year hip and eye guarantee and lifetime testable genetic mutation guarantee), and genetic testing completed through embark.


Pet Puppy

8 weeks old - limited AKC registration

Show Puppy Prospect

8 weeks old - Full AKC registration


Show Puppy Prospect

8 weeks old - Terms of co-ownership will be discussed and agreed upon with a signed contract before the purchase of the puppy.


$1500.00 USD

$2000.00 USD

$1000.00 USD


Rehoming adult

Cost of alteration

Deposit Policy

At the time puppies are born, we will collect a nonrefundable deposit of $100.  This deposit also counts towards the final price of your puppy.  this deposit guarantees you a puppy from our current litter.  It is very important for you to understand, you will not know which puppy you will get until after the puppies are evaluated for conformation and temperament at 8 weeks old.  At this time, you will be contacted about selecting your puppy.  We will help in selecting the puppy that will work best for you and your family.  Gender, color, and temperament will all be considered when recommending puppies to you.  We do give preference to show and/or working and/or performance homes.  If there is no puppy in the litter who is ideal for your family, we will refund your deposit in full.

Breeding Plans
AKC CH / UKC CH / INT CH Ivie's Strength is Honor BCAT CA DJ DSX TKI UJJCH USJ "Noxus"
Ivie's Nowhere Beyond Reach DN DJ TKI "Aela"

This has been a LONG time coming.  A lot of people have been interested in Noxus and a puppy from him, but we have held off on breeding him until now.  Early August we will be looking forward to having puppies!  This will likely be Noxus' only litter.  These babies will be extremely special and we are looking for good, active homes.  We are looking forward to producing something close to our 'ideal' Siberian.  We expect strong conformation, as well as high biddability and workability. 


Noxus is our resident Capitan America.  He is my do it all dog.  He is a large boy, athletic, biddable, sweet, friendly, and outgoing.  He has our ideal temperament.  Noxus is everything we strive for our Siberians to be.  He is a triple champion in conformation and holds multiple performance title.  Most notably, he is the first Siberian to ever hold a diving excellent title. He is a stunning male with a gorgeous head piece, strong topline, solid rear angulation, good  feet, good tail , and good length of leg. 

Aela is our first bred by (out of our girl Naava and an outside stud).  She is a mix of racing/working lines, seppala lines, and show lines.  Aela is extremely high energy, and very athletics.  She's a very smart, happy, and loyal girl.  She has stunning conformation, structurally almost our ideal Siberian.  She has a lovely front, great rear, good feet, nice length of leg, nice head piece.  She is more shy with strangers, but exceptionally dedicated and loyal to her family.  

We are hoping for great all around dogs from this breeding.  We are hoping for multiple all around dogs that are great show prospects and excellent performance dogs, and if you are interested in getting into conformation AND dog sports, this is the litter for you!  Colors expected are gray and white, and agouti and white.  All puppies will carry black and white and some will carry red.  We will be looking for several co-owns on this litter.  If you are interested in this pairing fill out and application email it to us!

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