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Ivie's Nowhere Beyond Reach 

Aela was born December 4th, 2021 in Sherills Ford, North Carolina.  She is our pick of the litter from the very first litter we produced here at Ivie Huskies.  Aela comes from a mix of working and show lines across the world (both her father and mother are show/working mixes).  She has lines in the United States, Poland, France, Russia, Canada, Spain.  She is a very smart and incredibly energetic puppy.  She is shy with new people, however, when Aela opens up she is a very sweet and loving dog.  She is communicative just like her mom, grandma, and great grandma with fantastic natural eye contact.  She is a fun loving happy girl.  Aela has exceptional toy drive, and athletics ability.  She quickly took to dock diving.  We have big plans and hope she will become the first Siberian to complete an air retrieve title.  She has been shown in AKC. UKC, and IABCA.  We have participated in dock diving, and are planning to attend other various performance events with her such a Fast Cat, Rally, Trick Dog, Weight pulling and Agility.  She is a beautiful dog with striking conformation.  Aela's conformation is very close to what we would view as our ideal structure.  She has beautiful proportions, very balanced angulation, and a lovely athletic build.  Aela is extremely toy motivated, focused, and high energetic.

Notable Accolades:

Best Puppy in Show (UKC), King NC

2022 NADD regional qualifier (Top 3 finish for Novice at Salem qualifier)

BOS (Over two specials) at 10 months - Wilmington, NC

Reserve Best in Show Bred By Exhibitor (IABCA) - Durham, NC

Health & Conformation

Aela had her OFA prelim completed and rated excellent.  She has the best hips in the kennel.  She will have her official tests completed when she turns two.  Eyes were examined at 17 moths old and were clear.  Aela is our third show dog and comes from both working and show lines.  Just like her mother, she will be showing at AKC, UKC, and IABCA events.  Aela is an athletic puppy, with nice moderate bone.  She has an excellent front with great prosternum, upper-arm length, and decent shoulder layback.  She has a moderate depth to chest, correct feet, and a solid topline.  Her pelvis has very nice length and angulation.  She has fantastic proportions with good length of body and nice length of leg.  Conformationally, she is very close to our ideal Siberian.  Currently, we would like more spring of rib, looser tail, and thicker coat, and more shoulder layback.   Aela is a tall bitch, right at the top of the standard at 22 inches.  She is a light bitch, with her weight around 42lbs.  She has a very shorter racing like coat.  Her movement is effortless and smooth, and absolute beautiful dog to watch in motion. She is clean both coming and going with a lovely balanced and controlled side gait.

Character & Drive

Aela is a thinker.  A VERY thoughtful and smart dog.  She is enjoyed exploring her environment and learning new things.  She is extremely active, and is a very vocal puppy and loves to talk.  Aela is very respectful of the older dogs, fairly confident with new dogs.  Aela has very high toy motivation and high food motivation.  She is incredibly sweet but can be really reserved around new people.  With new dogs and people, she can be a little hesitant, but eventually will warm up and play.  


Aela is too young to run on bike, but seems to have decent drive.  She is quick and light on her feet like her mother, and enjoys playing like most puppies do!

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