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Windrunner In My Humble Opinion

Strider was born January 11th, 2023 in hte Ukraine.  We had watched his litter since birth and were excited at bringing him to the States.  He is a beautiful boy from a mix of working and show lines.  He is a VERY sweet puppy with moderate energy.  He is shy with new people, however, with some food he opens up and wants to snuggle and get hugs.  He has great eye contact and loves to work with his human.  He is a funny silly boy.  Very middle of the road type of dog who gets along with everyone and loves having a good time. He has decent toy drive.  Moderately athletic.  We have big plans for Strider in conformation.  He will be shown in AKC. UKC, and IABCA.  We are planning to attend other various performance events with her such a Fast Cat, Rally, Trick Dog, and Weight pulling.  He is a STUNNING dog with lovely conformation.  He has a lovely thick coat, gorgeous head piece, nice shoulder layback and good overall angulation.

Notable Accolades:


BOB/BOBOH (first show 6 months old) - Concord. NC

Health & Conformation

Strider is too young for health testing, but will be getting his hips and eyes checked when he is older.  Strider is our fourth show dog and comes from both working and show lines.  He will be showing at AKC, UKC, and IABCA events.  Strider is striking and very showy.  He has more leg than typical show dogs, but great substance, lovely coat, and a stunning face and overall presence.  Strider has a nice front with good prosternum.  His upper-arm angle is nice.  Excellent shoulder layback.  He has a moderate depth to chest, correct feet, and a solid topline.  His pelvis has very nice length and angulation.  He has nice proportions with decent length of body and nice length of leg.  Currently, we would like more length of upper arm and a little more length of body.  Strider is a smaller sized male,  currently a little under 22 inches (will probably be 22 inches when full grown.  His movement is fantastic!  It is effortless and smooth, and absolute beautiful dog to watch in motion. He is clean both coming and going with a lovely balanced and controlled side gait.

Character & Drive

Strider is a super sweet and funny boy.  He is very much a go with the flow dog.  He is sensitive and adores his person.  He enjoys exploring the environment and learning new things.  He has a moderate energy level.  Fairly vocal puppy.   He is very respectful of the older dogs, confident with new dogs.  Strider has decent toy drive and high food motivation.  He can be reserved around new people, but is easily bribed into friendship with food.

Strider is too young to run on bike, but seems to have decent drive.  He is not very graceful but is quick and light on his feet.

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